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T’ganu cabbies elated over Socso coverage inclusion

There is plenty of Merdeka cheer for Terengganu’s 843 self-employed drivers of taxis, airport limousines and hired cars today.It comes by way of them being accepted as social security organisation (Socso) contributors, which provides medical, disability, beneficiary, funeral arrangement...
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Civil servants in Penang and Melacca to expect RM1,000 Hari Raya bonus

Cited from humanresourceonlineIn conjunction with Hari Raya Aidilfitri, both the Penang and Melaccan governments announced that civil servants in both states will receive a RM1,000 reward.On one hand, 3,600 civil servants in Penang will receive the Special Financial Aid...
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Selangor contributed nearly half of the new jobs in Malaysia from 2014-2016

Selangor’s 305,300 new jobs from 2014 to 2016 represented nearly half of Malaysia’s total employment gains from the period.Read more: Ministry: There are rules to employing foreign maidsForeign domestic helpers are not allowed to assist in their employer’s business...


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The Benefits and Challenges of an Activity Based Working Environment

China leads Asia rise in global university employability ranking 2018

Cited from humanresourceonlineThe Global University Employability Ranking, designed by a French HR consultancy Emerging and published by Times Higher Education (THE), has listed the...
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Here’s what Gen Zs in SEA really think about technology and future jobs

  Cited from humanresourceonlineThere’s no denying that Generation Z (those born after 1996) is entering the workforce. In Southeast Asia, 99% of them having used...
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5 recommendations for L&D professionals to become valued strategic partners

Cited from humanresourceonlineIn today’s world, many professions are facing significant challenges arising from social and technological change. Among them is the accountancy profession.According to...