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Asia Pacific nations could face talent shortage of upto 12.3mn workers

Cited from humanresourceonlineA study by Korn Ferry reveals that, the Asia Pacific region faces an imminent labour shortage of 12.3 million workers by 2020, with the possibility of rising to 47 million by 2030 at an annual opportunity cost of US$4.238...

Singapore to potentially suffer talent shortage of more than 1m workers

Findings from Korn Ferry’s Global Talent Crunch study has revealed that there is a potential talent deficit of 47 million workers in Asia Pacific by 2030.In Singapore, the talent shortage stands at more than 1 million workers, with a potential loss in...
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Why we need to stop comparing externally when optimising culture

Cited from humanresourceonline An author, TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur, Eric Termuende is co-founder of NoW Innovations, and lead content strategist for True Calling Canada. In this article, he affirms that a universal ‘best culture’ doesn’t exist – thus, companies simply have to shift focus...


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Here’s what Gen Zs in SEA really think about technology and future jobs

  Cited from humanresourceonlineThere’s no denying that Generation Z (those born after 1996) is entering the workforce. In Southeast Asia, 99% of them having used...
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5 recommendations for L&D professionals to become valued strategic partners

Cited from humanresourceonlineIn today’s world, many professions are facing significant challenges arising from social and technological change. Among them is the accountancy profession.According to...
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Training centre head sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment for certificate fraud

 Cited from humanresourceonlineAbduljafar s/o Abdulkuthose, principal of Vsafe Training Consultant, was sentenced to 10 months’ imprisonment on 1 November 2018. He was charged with fraudulently issuing...