Lobbying good for business

Market rates: 2018 salaries by industry

Cited from humanresourceonlineHong Kong employment can expect a positive outlook in 2018 according to auditing firm KPMG’s 2018 Hong Kong recruitment and salary outlook report.The survey findings revealed that monetary remuneration is the main consideration for employees when it comes to switching...
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Huawei’s latest HR hiring direction

 Cited from humanresourceonlineEarlier this week, in the midst of lay-off rumours, Huawei Technologies’ internal staff have revealed the company’s upcoming hiring direction.According to the internal memo, Huawei is suspending the ongoing internal recruitment plans except for certain positions. The...

Budget 2018 – Shaping the future of development along northern corridor

The proposed RM1 billion allocation for the Regional Corridor Authorities announced in the Budget 2018 has reaffirmed the importance of regional development, the Northern Corridor Implementation Authority (NCIA) said. The initiatives announced in the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) is...


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3 human capital interventions to ensure successful digitalisation

Cited from humanresourceonline The government and companies alike have been actively promoting digital transformation across all sectors. Here’s Fuji Xerox Singapore’s general manager, human capital...

To build a great network, you don’t have to be a great networker

Cited from humanresourceonline Adam Grant, organisational psychologist at Wharton, and author of Option B, confirms what we all wish for – when you create something exciting,...
The Benefits and Challenges of an Activity Based Working Environment

Malaysia’s BFM89.9 issues statement regarding sexual harassment allegations

Cited from humanresourceonlineOver the weekend, founder of radio station BFM89.9, Malek Ali, issued a statement regarding allegations of sexual harassment at the workplace.In the...