IHR Consulting the pioneer of HR/Payroll outsourcing solution provider in Malaysia specializing in the SME market segment.

Organizer of monthly HR/IR seminars in Malaysia for Malaysian SME market – The HR/IR Art and Science Seminars for Malaysian SMEs

Focused on assisting Malaysian SMEs since 2003 in enabling the SMEs to professionalize the HR practices to attract, develop and retain their People.

Taking another major step to provide a unique learning platform for Malaysian SMEs through a FREE/Sponsored HR/IR Convention to be held on November 21-22, 2017 in Cyberview Resort.

As SMEs are backbone of Malaysian economy contributing 37% to the Malaysian GDP supported with the drive by the Government to grow the the SME’s contribution to the GDP, its only inevitable that SMEs need to have sustainable business and growth game plan.

According to an article by Bernama, In Malaysia, between 2011 and 2015, the SME sector grew at a rate of 6.7%. 97% of business establishments in Malaysia are SMEs, which contributed to 37% to the country’s GDP, 65% to employment, and nearly 18% to exports.

Every angle of business growth require SMEs to have a well structured HR plan and practices as PEOPLE will be the driver of the business. As such HR is inevitable the major focus point.

In line with this, IHR’s and its associates are committed to provide a continuous learning platform for the Malaysian SMEs to upskill their HR Knowledge and Competence to enable the SMEs to adopt sound and good HR practices in their business.

Therefore, the proposed HR/IR Convention 2017 – first of its kind sponsored event with the primary objective inspiring the adoption of Good HR Practices in SME Malaysia.


Gain first-hand knowledge from industry experts  covering strategies from Attraction, Employee Engagement and Retention, Learning & Development and HR Start ups. 2nd day cover Industrial Relations with speakers from top legal firms in Malaysia


Topics are designed to stimulate and engage audience to facilitate effective learning . This will be accompanied by our interactive Q&A system and live polling to ask your essential questions. Our panel discussions will provide participants with a proper framework and structure in implementing sound HR practices.


Our unique approach to this convention sets up apart from other organizers. Our key objective is in assisting Malaysian SMEs gain practical, industry driven knowledge in order to professionalize HR management in Malaysia.  100% of all proceeds raised shall be donated to charity


Ryan Carroll
Country Manager, Randstad Malaysia

Attraction strategies
To provide all SMEs with the most appropriate and effective strategy to brand their organization and attract the right talent within their budget and financial affordability.

Rowena Florece
HR Director Microso

Retention Strategies
To provide all SMEs with the most appropriate and effective strategy to engage and retain their employees given the nature and circumstance of being an SME.

Hash Piperdy
CEO Mercer

Learning & Development Strategies
To provide all SMEs with most appropriate and effective strategy to deploy a continuous learning and development platform to continuously enhance employee competency within their financial affordability.

Roy Prasad
CEO i-HR Consulting

HR Startup for your Business
To educate and provide all SMEs with the basic HR fundamentals and principles in starting their internal HR function ensuring full compliance and also adoption of good HR practices.


Wong Keat Ching
Partner – Zul Rafique & Partners

Managing Employee Non Performance
Enabling SMEs to understand how to manage employee non-performance issues at workplace and mitigating the risks

Steven Thiru
Partner Shook Lin & Bok

Managing Employee Misconduct
Minor or Major. Enabling SMEs to understand how to manage employee misconduct issues at workplace and mitigating the risks

Rajeswari Karupiah
Rajeswari Karupiah & Co.

Employment and Industrial Relations Act
Impact on Employment. Enabling SMEs to thoroughly understand Malaysian Employment Act and how it impacts them in employing their crucial asset – their employees.

Dharmen Sivalingam
Managing Partner MECA

Employment Contracts
How to design and apply in the workplace. Enabling SMEs to understand the basics and fundamentals of employment contracts and how different types of employment contracts should be applied in their business especially when hiring employees.




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