Wife of the prime minister, Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor today suggested that employers especially in the private sector to provide more child care centres or nurseries in workplaces.

Rosmah, who is also the Charity and Welfare Association of Wives of Ministers and Deputy Ministers (Bakti), said the nurseries would enable working mothers to focus on work as they know that their children are well cared.

“Bakti always raises the issue of providing nurseries at the workplace. I understand this issue since I used to be a working mother before.

“As a mother we always worry about our children especially when they are sick, so if there are nurseries at workplaces, mothers can focus and work with less worries,” she said after a talk organised by Bakti in conjunction with the Maal Hijrah 1439, at the Siti Hasmah Bakti Building.

Rosmah said she used to voice the matter to her husband, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, and he agreed with the suggestion since women played important roles in contributing to the country’s economic development.

Based on statistics from the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, until April 2016 a total of 170 nurseries were registered with the Welfare Department involving 136 nurseries under the government departments and 34 under the private companies where the number was still considered to be low.

Meanwhile the Maal Hijrah talk was attended by the members of Bakti, the Association of Wives of Civil Servants and Women Civil Servants, Police Families Association, Armed Forces Family Welfare Association and Muslim Welfare Organisation of Malaysia.