When you utter the phrase “Tidak Apa Attitude” everyone knows what you’re talking about. It’s become such a commonly understood phrase which bears testament to the fact that there’s a lot of apathy in our culture — certainly more than there should be, if we’re aspiring to become a developed nation.

One lawyer grew angry enough that she decided to something about it. Legal advocate Animah Kosai has just founded a movement called “Speak Up” which encourages a corporate culture of openness, allowing people to raise issues of concern without fear of reprisal.

Her passion has proven to be so powerful that she has left behind the safety of steady employment to focus her knowledge and skills to address this issue. She had previously served as counsel with the oil and gas industry for 14 years and was an advocate and solicitor of the Malaysian Bar for nine years. Through the course of her stellar career, Animah has helped implement many ethics, anti-harassment and whistle-blower policies.

This passionate lawyer talks to SAVVY about her new movement, the importance of speaking up and how leaders can improve the corporate culture of their companies to better reflect the inner yearnings of their people.

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